MSS Button is non-compromising on quality assurance and dedicated to consistently setting and meeting the highest standards every year. We are proud to have established a Quality Management System that meets the requirements , in accordance to which our organization must demonstrate its ability to consistently meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, and aim to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system.

In each of our divisions, at every level, our personnel is involved with exploring new ways of improving our system. Each member of the MSS Button family is committed to maintaining this standard of quality management. Quality is not an abstract concept; it is a value that our customers recognize in us, that gives them confidence in us, and allows them to trust us with their work.

Each year our project management, human resources, operation, customer service, transport departments and the management representatives set out to achieve higher standards than the preceding year. Special emphasis is given to feedback from customers who have been with us for more than a year, and to all those working with us in power plant projects. We welcome feedback from all our clients at any time through our company website.

Keeping a clear communication channel with our customers as well as all tiers of employees enables us to continue advancing in this highly competitive and challenging sector, Though in the field of international sales and market promotion, corporate development and diversified business activities.